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Alldebrid 30 Days Premium Account

₹ 650.00


1 Month All Debrid Premium Account With Unlimited Downloads

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  • High-speed downloads,
  • No waiting times or advertising
  • Firefox, Chrome and Jdownloader Plugins
  • Streaming with embedded players
  • Parallel downloads possible
  • Support for download accelerators
  • Multiple hosters on a single website
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Version: Latest Validity: 30 Days Plus you will get following benifits
  • AllDebrid is a website allowing you to get unrestricted speed on file hoster download without any premium subscriptions on those hosters.
    You only have to copy your links on the form, and our services will generate for you a link which will use the full capacity of your internet connection. No more speed limitation, enjoy your download at full speed as it should be.
    AllDebrid also offer Firefox and Chrome extension to generate links in 1-click, and also an jDowloader plugin to integrate our service on the famous download manager : you'll only have to add your links in Jdownloader as usual, and the plugin will generate unrestricted links on-the-fly.
    For MegaVideo unrestrincting, our Firefox plugin allows you to watch your movies without any manipulation : it catch on the fly the player, and let you choose if yu want to go thought our servers. When you'll watch a MegaVideo video, it will already be unrestricted thought our services.<br />
    One last quality to use AllDebid is that it will act like a proxy : it's our services which will download the files on the hosters, not you : your IP and privacy is protected.