Cancellation and Refund policy


The Main objective is safety and execution of obligations to clients. On the other hand we try to protect ourselves from incidents connected with piracy and concerning software. Cases in which return is possible:

Due to The Nature Of the Product Refund Is Not possible As its A Digital Goods Products

1. Duplicate orders. If for any reason the system has Charged You for 2 Items Incase of one you In that can Please contact our customer care If you need a refund within 24 hours of Placing the order .

2. If the voucher generated by the system is not working . We shall provide you a New Voucher Or Refund If you Need It Will Some cancellation Fees Of 10%

3. If you have paid multiple times and/or mistakenly paid for different items, but notify us through email or call/sms before our delivery to you, we will refund the amount .

4. Back to source -  The amount is refunded to the payment mode that was originally used to pay for the order . It would be processed within 48 hours 


Cases in which return is not possible:-

1. Simultaneous purchase of several different premium vouchers, followed by retaining one and returning the rest. The scenario, when a user gets various vouchers, uses them, then chooses to keep only the one which best meets his needs, and tries to return the rest for a refund, will not be entertained.

2. We will not refund money if you have purchased vouchers from us and then realized / felt that you don't need them after all. Rules for return of funds:- To receive your refund, you should give us your Valid e-mail address and the data on which the order has been carried out. Our company does not carry the responsibility for non-receipt of the voucher as a result of an incorrect e-mail address, given by you. The client is completely responsible for the e-mail address provided.

3.We can not provide refund if after purchase user find downloading is slow, links are dead, not getting desired files to download.


4. Refund will  Not be issued If the Company is Non Operational due to some Technical Issue Or Closed due to court or Closed by law or any Other Issue , Website is unaccessable . We are the Reseller and provides vouchers or Login id and Password for the Account .