IDM 1 User 1 Year 1 PC
  • IDM 1 User 1 Year 1 PC

IDM 1 User 1 Year 1 PC


IDM 1 User 1 Year 1 PC

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Life Long License

1.  Latest Version.

2. Purchase in Indian Rupees. Prices are Inclusive of all (Taxes, Forex & Transaction Charges).

3. Primary support provided. For Any technical issues we will follow-up your queries with IDM.

4.Registration is simple you will receive license key via email, Download Trial (4 MB) and register with the key provided by us.

 We do not ship IDM in CD/DVD because new version of IDM is released every 15 days hence making the version in CD is of no use, besides that IDM is just 5MB in size.

 5. Try trial version for 30 Days [Download Trial] just 5 MB and then make the purchase after you are fully satisfied.


The latest stable version is 6. 18, and the latest  version is 6.18


If you have bulk enquiry for IDM then please contact us for special bulk rates